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Data Recovery

A report by Computers House

Hard drive experts have been recovering data from hard drives for quite a long. Data loss can be due to different reasons, accidental deletion, software errors, hard drive damage and viruses that infect your computer.

Data recovery can be split into two types.

The first type is software data damage which can be the loss of a file or some of the contents of a file. Most of the problems of this kind arise from human interference by deleting files accidentally or infections altering the contents.

Software is available on the market for data recovery from a hard drive which can retrieve the lost data, though we must be cautious against it. Caution should be used when downloading software of this type as there are many fake programs out there. If you are in any doubt, seek a professional.

The second type is physical data damage where the hard drive has become damaged physically. There is no software that can repair this kind of problem so professional data recovery is your one and only option.

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